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Dr. Beth is a leading expert in parenting teenagers and the Mom's Choice Award Recipient for Parents Who Value The Importance Of Compassionate Parenting Advice. Working with Dr. Beth is easy. Download the free book and or join Dr. Beth's Power Parenting Inner Circle Today. Have questions? Please feel free to click on contact tab to schedule and appointment. We will see you on the other side.


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Dr. Beth Halbert, known as America’s Teenologist is a licensed child, family, teen psychologist   with 25-years plus experience as a dynamic facilitator, speaker, and management consultant. Dr. Beth’ has a thriving private clinical practice and facilitates workshops nationally for parents and teens. Her keynote presentations for organizations are known to be both highly  entertaining and extremely educational. Her clinical focus has been in the area of secure   attachment through healthy emotional development. As a leading expert in parenting teenagers, Dr. Beth has worked with hundreds of families to   create stronger parent-teen bonds. As the moderator for Dr. Beth’s Compassionate Parenting   National Teleconference Series, she takes a unique approach to helping both teens and parents   overcome the difficulties of adolescence, combining proven clinical practices with warmth,   playfulness, self-expression and compassion. Dr. Beth knows how teens think and act—and   why. She understands how to get them talking about their emotions and behaviors. Plus, she   knows parents. She understands how to get them to accept themselves exactly as they are, and   how to accept their children exactly as they are.   She assists parents and teens in building positive dialogue and developing more connected   relationships.


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“ There is no topic that I find more important or needed than Compassionate Parenting! As a guest on The Montel Williams Show, I discussed the importance of Compassionate Communication (Non-Violent Communication SM) in preventing domestic violence, which I believe …to be the most crucial breakdown in parenting today.  Thank you for all that you do to generate peace!

Susan Allan, America’s leading Marriage and Divorce Coach, The Marriage Forum, Inc.

My increased self-esteem has resulted in more fun with more people and a dramatic increase in my ability to do business successfully and to learn new business skills without the defensiveness caused by my low self-esteem in the past.

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Naomi Colb, Coach for Evolutionary Change

If you are a teen experiencing home as hell and counting the days until your 18th birthday, let your parents know you want to talk to Dr. Beth, so life can be easier and more fun for you.

If you are a parent of a teen experiencing your home as a war zone, and you are curious about finding a therapist your child will love going to... I recommend that you call Dr. Beth immediately! She is brilliant at rapidly bringing families back into collaborative communication.”