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The Silver is our entry level of membership and a great way to have ongoing access to Dr. Beth and her teachings at a very affordable rate - just $49 a month! (Yes, you read that correctly. Most charge $350 per 1hr session. Now you can get the support you need and save your money for family fun days! Thanks Dr. Beth!)
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Understanding Your Child's Behavior

Is Parenting Challenging  For You? 
Do You Feel At Times Like Your Losing It?

Times Have Changed! Parenting Approaches Have Not!
It's not your fault (Your Not The Only One)-- and there is a better way...

baby-215867_1280Old "tried and true" parenting  techniques that were once successful have completely lost their effectiveness over the years. That's why I developed a new Parenting approach  that will quickly and automatically put you ahead of the game and instantly in a league above all other parenting programs you have tried before. And it might work temporarily until your child hopefully begins to individuate and find their authentic voice - Then look out world!!
OLD PARENTING MYTH # 1  - "Children must be threatened into obedience." True  when all you know is traditional parenting and you better have a really big stick. Yes, you can threaten you children into submission over and over, chase them until they listen to you so that you just go away. However there is a better - easier method of building cooperation with your child / teen and getting your parenting message across - .Simply by changing your parenting approach you'll make FEWER ATTEMPTS in demanding obedience and HAVE MORE COOPERATION in moving your children in a direction that feels right for them and is right for you. Everyone wins and so much more fun!
OLD PARENTING MYTH # 2  - "Use reverse psychology to trick your kids into getting what you want." Kids can tell when you're using a parenting strategy on them, even if you think you're pretty good at it and getting away with it. There's nothing personal about it and people can pick that up. Being artificial just puts you into the typical "Manipulative Parenting" category. Kids mirror their parents...if mom and dad are being's just a matter of time when they will do the same. If you can learn to get your message across in a different way by getting on the same side of the table with your child, you'll eliminate the negative triggers that cause your child to rebel, act out, defy what you ask of them without creating drama within seconds.
OLD PARENTING MYTH # 3 - "Focus On The Consequence To Get Kids To Behave." Are you getting compliance but crushing their spirit? Are you "going in for the punishment and threat that don't fit the crime" with your getting kids to behave technique? - If you are, you could end up killing your relationship instead. Old parenting techniques do nothing more than pressure the child or teen into cooperation, and as a result they naturally want to retreat away from that pressure - and that pressure is you. By learning to avoid the "push and pull" dynamic between you and your child, you'll be able to move the obedient process forward to get the result you want.

Welcome to Dr. Beth's Power Parenting ™

Dr BethDear Friend,

The truth about Parenting is that it doesn't have to be painful. The old Parenting experts tell us we have to be "tougher" and "accept our kids rejection and defiance as normal part of child raising"... that's a lot of B.S.!

You don't have to give up who you are the real you to put on a parenting hat that is not you at all to appease the "Parenting Status Quo".  You don't have to be subjected to behaviors that have everyone feeling as if they are being treated less than a human being. And you certainly don't have to hang your success on making a child " Obedient", closing your eyes, and then hoping your parenting tactics "stick" with your child.

There's a much simpler and more natural way of connecting with your children. And you don't have to come across pushy or aggressive to be successful in getting your kids to cooperate.

The secret is your Parenting Mindset and shifting it to a place where you are focused on the TRUTH of what is really going on with your child's behavior.  What exists... the situation that is causing unhappiness, desperation, tantrums, fighting, acting out etc, rather than experimenting with a variety of threats and/or punishments  to stop the behavior" 

You and I both know that it's a hazardous trying to correct a child who is not listening while in a "fight or flight" state of mind.  And it certainly isn't conducive to creating the shift in behavior without also creating some resentment. Despite what we are told about how a child knows we love them because we correct them. This may be true. It is also true how we correct a child has a lasting impact on the child, the parent and the relationship. 

So why play that old parenting game anymore?

Times have changed and so should you're approach to parenting?

My hunch is you're the type of person who doesn't want to have to manipulate your kids using tactics and techniques that trigger rejection and that associate you with the negative "Parent" stereotype.

You're the kind of person that wants to parent in a way that retains your integrity, your kids integrity and that treats others with respect, just the way you'd like to be treated.

Yet, there are forces around you on a daily basis that try and move you away from that way of thinking because it conflicts with the old-school way of parenting.

That's why I created Power Parenting™-- a weekly parenting coaching and support program to help you stay focused everyday on your new parenting Mindset you'll be learning me Dr.Beth.

I'm opening up access to me and my coaching staff so we can personally help you stay focused on your parenting goals each week, while helping you stay focused on the Mindset that resonates with you so deeply -- parenting without compromising your integrity or losing your natural self by having to pressure someone else to submit to your will just because you say so and their supposed to or else.

I'm inviting you to become a member of Power Parenting, so that each week you'll learn new and different ways to apply the Power Parenting Mindset to your parenting situations so you can build trust, get to the truth and enjoy more happy and cooperative times with your kids. 

OUR PROGRAM Power Parenting with Dr. Beth is for parents and their family members to help create a supportive community and deepen loving relationships from a place of authenticity and vulnerability... our true source of Power and connection with another human being.

Help your child find their unique voice with compassion, love, and playfulness with Dr. Beth as she gives you the clarity and confidence to take you and your family through the  year with effective strategies and practical new tools that help you to Embrace Defiance with Love!

Participants will get the unique opportunity to ask Dr. Beth your toughest parenting challenges in an intimate setting with other parents to share and gain insight into new parenting strategies to help you to empower your children and yourself with useful tools for navigating life.

Four Times a week, members are on the phone with Dr. Beth and/or a special expert and community guests, as they cover topics designed to help families find their authentic, unique voice through compassion, love, and playfulness so no one has to "act out"! Bring laughter and light into your family—where everyone gets to win.

As a member of the Power Parenting SILVER, you'll get:

Power Parenting Group
with Dr. Beth
LIVE Weekly
(Listen In Only)

This membership level is for you if you are not sure if investing in a Parenting program is a fit for you and your family.

“Listen in” members can listen into LIVE Gold Power Parenting Meeting calls throughout the month.

Learn from Dr. Beth Halbert working with other members on a variety of parental situational challenges, knowledge, awareness, solutions and successes.

Digital Recordings
Never Miss A Call

You'll have access to digital recordings of each call, so you don't have to be concerned with schedule conflicts.

You can even listen to the last 90 days of Silver calls as soon as you join, so you can get started right away!

Files are MP3 format and easily downloaded to your computer or iPod.

Dr. Beth's Award Winning Book Embracing Defiance

You'll Get Dr. Beth's Best Selling "Mom's Choice Awards" Book "Embracing Defiance" and the 52-Week Embracing Defiance program.

Children. Teens. Adults. Everyone wants to feel understood, respected, valued for who they are and not how others expect them to be.

Embracing Defiance: Helping Your Child Express Their Unique Voice while Keeping Your Sanity

Ask Dr. Beth
Live Training / Q&A
Calls (Monthly)

Dr. Beth’s talks have a fun, playful atmosphere in which the audience is always involved.

They laugh at themselves, nod in understanding and are transformed by what they hear.

They see how they as parents and teens are similar and connected.

Whatever the topic of the keynote, the audience has an experience not to be forgotten!


Yelling, The Bickering, The Talking Back,
TALKING TO YOUR KIDS Without Being Rejected and
Easily Helping Everyone Get What They Need
During The Child Raising Years...

Is This Really Possible?
You Bet It Is!

Get ACCESS to Power Parenting
That Put the Old 'Parenting Specialists'
Back Into -School!

Learn How To:
  • Give your child confidence to handle any situation, including peer-pressure
  • Read your child's subtle behavior clues
  • Become less reactive to your child's extreme levels of drama by understanding your own triggers
  • Gain communication tools that will help you listen so your child feels heard
  • Create a safe environment and build trust between you and your child
  • Give your child permission to feel any emotion that arises, and express them authentically
  • Have greater clarity, increased confidence, and an alternative perspective to your current parenting style
  • Help your child find their authentic, unique voice through compassion, love, and playfulness so they don't "act out"!
Today Is The Day To Make Your Parenting Skills Breakthrough And Become A Childs Hero!

Americas Teenologist
Join The Power Parenting
"Inner Circle" and
Get Everything You Need To Break Away From "Old School Parenting Tactics That Have Lost Their Effectiveness" --Private Coaching, The Core Compassionate Parenting Mindset and Program, a Monthly Live Q&A Group Call with Dr. Beth and Unlimited Access to the Members-Only Website, and much more (see below)...

As a member of Dr. Beth's Power Parenting Inner Circle-Silver, you'll get:

Online Access To The CORE Dr. Beth Power Parenting  Mindset and Embracing Defiance Audio and Written Materials, Along With a Quick-Start Video ($297.00 Value) You'll learn all the "ins and outs" of Dr. Beth's Compassionate Parenting Mindset. A truely revolutionary parenting approach based on natural languaging and connecting with your children at the human level. Dr. Beth has put into words what thousands of parents have felt for years. You'll get instant access to every phrase, every concept and parenting resolutions that has proven to create instant harmony. You'll learn:
• Why the embracing defiance and compassionate parenting Mindset humanizes your parental guidance process
• Why focusing on your child's truth is more important than focusing on being right
• How to stop slipping into old parenting modes "Obey me now or else" mode and start creating a natural two-way dialogue with your kids
• Identify your hidden parenting gets rough triggers that make your kids and teens go into "fight or flight" mode.

Weekly Power Parenting Circle Coaching Sessions With Dr. Beth (LISTEN IN ONLY)  These powerful sessions will break you free of any old fears or "chains" that are holding you back from making parenting progress. This membership level is for you if you are not sure if investing in a Parenting program is a fit for you and your family.“Listen in” members can listen into LIVE Gold Power Parenting Meeting calls throughout the month.Learn from Dr. Beth Halbert working with other members on a variety of parental situational challenges, knowledge, awareness, solutions and successes.

A Monthly One-Hour Ask Dr. Beth Q&A Live Group Conference call where you can ask her any question you'd like about your specific challenge ($350.00 Value) --This is your chance to "pick Dr. Beth's brain". Every month you'll get coaching directly from Beth in a group setting. You can bring your toughest challenges, the "stickiest" child scenarios you experience, and Beth will provide you with an elegant solution on the spot. Many members say that working directly with Beth is the most valueable benefit of their entire membership. You'll be able to submit your questions each month and on the call Beth will answer them for you.Simply keep a notepad next to your desk each day, write down your questions you want Beth to answer for you, then submit them before the next Ask Dr. Beth call. If you miss a call, no problem, all calls are recorded and posted on the membership portal.

Access to Powerful Parenting Tools for Members Only: "Embracing Defiance Webinar" and the "10 Keys To Compassion" and the "Inner Family Chart" ($350.00 Value) These are very specific parenting tools that we only provide to our Inner Circle members. The 10 Keys to COMPASSION are effective tools that open ourselves to a greater capacity to hold compassion, love, and playfulness with ourselves and with others. They will help you develop a greater sense of self-trust, emotional maturity, healthy boundaries, and ongoing support systems.The Inner Family Chart is A powerful tool that identifies and characterizes the emotional stages of development that play important roles in the way we relate to ourselves and to others.  You will quickly discover how to soothe, disarm, and motivate your entire family… inside and out! :These tools, developed by Dr. Beth herself, will blow you away.

An .MP3 Downloadable Recording of Each call With Dr. Beth ($97.00 Value) If you're mobile and on the go, you'll be notified within minutes with each Q&A Coaching call is ready to be downloaded from the Members site. This way you download it right into your Ipod for listening at home or on the road. Listening to these .mp3's in your Ipod is like having Dr. Beth with you, one-on-one, so you continue to integrate and stay of focused onthe Mindset. Never Miss A Call You'll have access to digital recordings of each call, so you don't have to be concerned with schedule conflicts. You can even listen to the last 90 days of Silver calls as soon as you join, so you can get started right away! Files are MP3 format and easily downloaded to your computer or iPod.

Unlimited Access to the Members-Only Website ($997.00 Value) You've never seen a Parenting Members website as comprehensive as this one. It has hours and hours of resources that you'll be able to use for years to come. And, it's updated with new content all the time. It's the ultimate community for like-minded people who believe compassionate parenting is the key to long term success with their children. And you'll never be alone, feeling like you've got to figure things out by yourself. Dr. Beth has an active community of parents you can connect with. You can access the latest Power Parenting audios and videos, brainstorm in the facebook group pages, post and search for the latest success stories and  catch up on the latest Power Parenting news, submit your questions for the monthly group coaching calls, and download the latest Power Parenting Mindset Insider Blog and / or newsletter. This members-only site is your central hub for everything you need as a Silver Member.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll find in the members-only site:

  • Recordings Of Power Parenting Calls 
  • A Facebook Group page for interacting live with other Power Parenting members anytime you have a challenge or want to brainstorm
  • Your "Parenting Buddy List" where you can connect with other members 
  • New videos of Dr. Beth sharing insider secrets about the embracing defiance mindset that are not publicly available to non-members
  • A Calendar with all up coming call dates and details
  • The Latest Power Parenting News to keep you in the loop
  • The Latest articles that I’ve published with new tips and strategies
  • Access to the core Power Parenting and Embracing Defiance modules - you can review them anytime
  • Access to the latest "Power Parenting Insider" newsletter
  • Access to the latest Aks Dr. Beth and / or Guest Expert and Q&A Coaching call .mp3 download
  • Access to the latest Parenting Tools

Ongoing "Fast-Track" Emails To Keep You Focused On The Power Parenting / Embracing Defiance Mindset ($67.00 Value)You'll love these emails. They are written every week by Dr. Beth based on real parenting situations that she and her clients experiences. She dissects each play-by-play scenario so that you have a constant flow of new parenting strategies to use in virtually any parenting situation you experience. They'll keep you ontrack so you don't slip backyour old way of parenting. Beth will share with you her many insights about how her Mindset can be applied to your different parenting situations and in some cases you'll find you may be reparenting yourself and making progress with your own parents.

With Power Parenting You Can Experience Stress Free Parenting and Build Happy Healthier Relationships WIth Your Kids

Try Power Parenting for 7-Days Risk Free

We are so confident that you will absolutely love Dr. Beth Power Parenting Cirlces that we are offering a full 7-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to…
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Secure Your Power Parenting Membership and Take Control of Creating The Most Amazing Relationships with Your Kids and other people who matter to you…
Why Are So Many Parents Enrolling in
Dr. Beth's Power Parenting SILVER Membership?

An Experience Like No Other:

Dr. Beth Halbert created her Power Parenting Club to assist busy Parents from all walks of life embrace compassionate communication during the child and teen raising years. Especially motivated to help Parents and Teens keep their sanity and stay in a highly connective and rewarding relationship . You'll enjoy ongoing access to Dr. Beth's teaching and support as well as regular motivation, inspiration, and Dr. Beth Adventures. You can submit your Ask DrBeth Parenting Questions to be answered in the group sessions. You will be amazed at the brilliant parent wisdom and support when they are not in their own hot seat. Members receive private benefits, stellar services, and practical training that are designed to give real solutions to a variety of challenges in parenting to give parents a serious advantage in creating the ultimate care with your children. Power Parenting is a one-of-a-kind coaching club designed to support Parents, Adults and Teens on every level. Most counseling sessions run parents on average $350 an hour. Dr. Beth has created a way for parents to benefit from parenting sessions in the most affordable way. 
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What does Power Parenting offer? 
Power Parenting helps you become the most informed and compassionate parent (a hero for your kids) you can be through:

  • Weekly Online Group Coaching Calls with Dr. Beth and a Power Parenting Circles of 12
    (Listen in only at the Silver Level-you can upgrade to Gold if you want to participate anytime) 
  • Ask Dr. Beth Monthly Parenting Class style topics and Q&A (Ask your questions live on a first come first serve basis )
  • Embracing Defiance Ebook 
  • Embracing Defiance Program 52 Week parenting course 
  • Dr. Beth offers parenting solutions for ages 0 - 5, 6 - 12, 13 - 18
  • Email your parenting challenges and if selected you will have a chance to be in the hot seat on an Ask Dr. Beth call (first come first serve basis) or a recommended solution will be emailed to you.
  • Peer Parenting Buddy List in the Group pages. Interact with other parents.

Who is this program right for?
This program is for anyone who would like to communicate with compassion to become a persons hero. Although this program was designed to help parents understand and interact with their children and teens in a more harmonious way where everyone gets to feel loved, appreciated and understood...many have told us that Dr. Beth's program is not only improving parenting but also helping adults re-parent themselves and heal old wounds. This program is for anyone who wants to help their kids and/or others become their best communicating self. 

  • Parents ,Step-parents, Foster Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Teens
  • Teachers, Coaches
  • Baby Sitters , Nannies
  • Social Workers, Police Officers
  • Nurses
  • Divorcing couples
  • Aunts, Uncles, Cousins
  • Friends

What is the approach used in the Power Parenting Program?

Dr. Beth combines extensive clinical expertise with warmth and playfulness to create a new model for compassionate parenting. She brings a unique approach to her work with parents and teens/children—combining music, coaching, therapy and parenting tools in new and innovative ways. She is fully dedicated to helping teens/children and parents understand and appreciate themselves and one another, to tap into their “bigness” and to develop new, healthier relationships.

Embracing Defiance is a recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award. The Mom's Choice Awards honors excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.

Named “America's Teeonolgist©" by Moms The Word Radio Show™ Dr. Beth Halbert provides Parenting and Re-parenting programs that helps families create stronger parent-teen bonds  to improve communications. Dr. Beth, is a licensed clinical Psychologist specializing in "teenage" behavior in children, teens and yes, even adults.  Even the toughest teens take notice as Dr. Beth effortlessly disarms defiance in demanding CEOs as well as tantrum prone kids.



What do I have to do after I join ?

When you enroll in the SILVER level of Power Parenting you will receive access to the Power Parenting portal with "Get Started" instructions.

The Power Parenting Portal contains information on how to access Power Parenting materials, Group Parenting Circles (listen in only calls) where Dr. Beth works with parents. Learn from Dr. Beth working with other members, leveraging situational knowledge and awareness. 

The Power Parenting Portal will provide the schedule and information on how you can get on  the Ask Dr. Beth and Q&A show. Dr. Beth has made this level very easy for parents to get in on the fun and see if joining a Power Parenting Group is right for them. All you need to do is join a call and listen in. 

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