DrBeth Halbert

Welcome My Purple Peeps!

Looking forward to spending some quality time with you.

Dr Beth

Here is how the Purple Membership works:

Tuesday is our Purple Members individual sessions call time with Dr.Beth (some exceptions may apply). Each member is responsible for booking their one on one personal session with Dr.Beth every week. If you miss your weekly appointment, you may not receive a credit on your account for missed sessions. No exceptions.

  1. You can not accrue time with Dr.Beth if you miss your weekly appointment. You can however, ask Dr.Beth to schedule you on a different day depending on your circumstance (some expection's may apply subject to approval). 

  2. You must be enrolled in the Purple Membership program to participate 

  3. Should you need to cancel your scheduled appointment, you must send us an email at meetwithme@drbeth.com and or call us to notify us of a scheduling conflict at 510-507-9198.

To schedule your session, simply look at the Tuesday time slots displayed on this page and choose a time that works best for you.

That's it!

You'll receive an email confirmation and a phone number for you to call. It is also important that you provide a number where you can be reached in case we have to get a hold of you. 

Be sure to save the date and add it to your calendar to remind you of your at your designated time.

Thank You,

The DrBeth Team