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If you are here, you may be looking for some private one-on-one time with me to cover challenging situations, and or leadership training for kids is something your seeking. Explore the topics below. 

Child Empowerment Leadership

Many times parents view their children as Mrs. and Mr. "Bossy Pants"...their defiance is over the top and is triggering big feelings for everyone. What I tell parents is to look for what is really going on... tadah... you are raising the next world leader. They are not adults yet and they are practicing on you. Allow me to help you and your children learn how to step into their leadership style and communicate at a world class level. Empowerment and Leadership within families is what my clients tell me they love most. Let the transformation begin.

Child and Family Dynamics

This is where I introduce and educate you to your Inner Family Chart. You will learn how the different behaviors and emotional developmental stages interact with each other in functional and catastrophic ways.

I will give you the tools to cut you some slack so you can cut your children some slack so that everyone gets to be the best they can be exactly where they are in this moment. This is a critical piece that most families enjoy the organization and new communication language so that the healing actually begins.

This is where stories of horror become next life transformation.
• Personalities (i.e Shy, Aggressive, Normal etc)
• Family rules
• Family Routines
• Family Household organization
• Family Communication styles Family Crisis and Confrontation

Public School Support and Consultation

School's picking on you? Bring Dr. Beth to the next meeting and have her advocate on you and your child's behalf. 
• Academia
• School Friends (should they be friends, what to look for to stay clear of trouble)
• Testing
• Gifted program
• Bullies
• Warning Signs 
• Risk Management
• School Safety 
• Public, Private, Charter, Home - what are you options?

Crisis Intervention and Support

Crisis Intervention and Support Stress
• Overwhelm
• Peer Pressure
• Sex
• Alcohol
• Drugs
•  Academic Pressure

Teenagers face these challenges almost every day. And because they do, so do their parents.  

In order to be able to handle these and other difficult issues, teens and parents need the proper tools, support and information
• Suicide Prevention
• Hurting self (Cutting etc)
• Hurting others
• Physical emotional , psychological problems
• Legal (Jail, Taking the kids away, etc)
• Illness 
• Death 
• Divorce
• Relocation
• New President

Disabilities Counseling

Children with disabilities can be a new challenge for parents at every stage of a child and or aging parents development. Special needs are required in most cases and are specific depending on the disability.

As a Licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Beth is able to help families sort out how to best handle a variety of situations for enriching relationships through compassionate parenting and communication. By the way the compassion starts FIRST with the parents and all their big feelings.

Re-parenting / Own Your Story / Recovery

Many times our adult selves are stuck holding onto something that has happened to us in the past.

We may have been told how to behave and what to believe by people who may not have been fully enlightened or maybe raised by a parent or care taker that in today's standards would be interacting with Child Protective Services.

Some of the old messaging on how we are to behave has shown up in our lives in various good and bad ways. Sometimes we need to look back at how we were shaped and make sure we still want to "Own Our Current Life Story". 

Another option is to "Re-Parent" our inner young family so we can begin to make healthier conscious choices, better habits, and  experience stronger positive relationships.

Did you know that we all deserve self care and decadence in our lives? And if you don't you will be dependent on your child to meet your needs. And for some of us...having a place to communicate our big feelings leads us from recovery to transformed lives. How good can you stand it?
• Adult children of Alcholics
• Anger management
• Sexual abuse
• Physical abuse
• Drug abuse
• Abandonment
• Stuck
• Depression
• Food addiction
• Disorders
• Any negative story that is no longer working for you and your family 

Dr. Beth's Inner Teen and Family Adventures

Sometimes the best way a family can build healthier relationships is through family vacations and play time.

Dr. Beth's Adventures provide families with fun and different ways of interacting, understanding, planning, and implementing the vacations of your dreams no your costly nightmares. Learn how to have fun!!! 

Relationship Conflict and Divorce Care

Dr. Beth helps individuals make healthier choices in their relationships. Are all parts of your inner psyche on board with the new relationship.

Do you find yourself in the same pattern and wherever you go there you are back in the same relationship? 

Divorce care can be before, during, or after and then before you blend your family with another family. Many complications and many ways to actually avoid the pitfalls so that everyone and I mean everyone gets to win.

Are you willing to let your ex-spouse be happy so that you get to have bliss in your life too? Sometimes we are still married with divorce papers... just saying. : )  

Child Advocate Coaching

What do you do if your child or teen seems like they are emotionally or physically overreacting to a normal life circumstance?

Most parents try to "fix" or "change" the child into being more compliant, collaborative or to become a chameleon to others needs.

If the child does not learn to speak up and be there own advocate, they will be easily manipulated, controlled, and micromanaged by others. 

Talking You Off The Ledge Parent Coaching

This is the help when I'm losing it as a parent - "WHAT DO I DO NOW" to get back in my power and confidence? 

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A day you will never forget. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Family Individual Assessments Assess and Highlight the greatest grandest version of yourself Plan what you want to live yourself, your partner, and your family into - manifest the life of your dreams with follow-up accountability.

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