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Children. Teens. Adults. Everyone wants to feel understood, respected, valued for who they are and not how others expect them to be. Feeling repressed by expectations and demands without having your own say opens the door to "acting out" in defiant ways.

Embracing Defiance: Helping Your Child Express Their Unique Voice while Keeping Your Sanity helps parents understand the benefits of defiant behavior, because discovering and expressing one's 'unique voice' is crucial for healthy psychological and emotional development. In Embracing Defiance, you will learn how to:

• Give your child confidence to handle any situation, including peer-pressure (page 76-77)
• Read your child's subtle behavior clues (page 52, 74)
• Become less reactive to your child's extreme levels of drama by understanding your own triggers (page 53, 56)
• Gain communication tools that will help you listen so your child feels heard (page 56)
• Create a safe environment and build trust between you and your child (page 61)
• Give your child permission to feel any emotion that arises, and express them authentically (page 58)
• Have greater clarity, increased confidence, and an alternative perspective to your current parenting style (page 72)

Help your child find their authentic, unique voice through compassion, love, and playfulness so they don't "act out"!

Editorial Reviews

Karen Buck

I don't have children, but this book is oh so helpful anyhow. I have an INNER teenager who still has things to say. As a actual teen (decades ago) I skipped over teen defiance and did as I was told to do and expected to do. I was soooooo compliant. In that process I forgot how to speak my mind. I even forgot what I really want. Dr. Beth's "Embracing Defiance" helps me to reconnect to myself : ) Now I can live with PASSION and VIBRANCE.

Nancy Wegierski

Dr. Beth has written a book that makes it easy to understand defiant behaviors in both our teenagers and ourselves! Having friends with teenagers, I highly recommended it to all of them, but also found great value in many of her concepts just for me. If you feel isolated and wonder what happened to the sweet little child you were raising, fear not and take a few hours for yourself to read her wisdom... it could save your sanity and strengthen your family!

SJ Tolson

Embracing Defiance has been a life changer for my family. This is not just a book; it's a roadmap that helps parents understand their kids in a way that they never even imagined. I was so impressed with this book and the changes it made in my sister's household, that I gave it to a number of friends so they could benefit from it as well. Buy this book for your family, you'll be so glad you did!

Sanyika Calloway Boyce

Kudos to you, your book is truly fantastic Dr. Beth! As one of 7 children, I sure wish my Mom had it when I was in my "defiant period" - and I'll bet she does too! It's amazing to me that parenting doesn't come with a "handbook," (well that's not entirely the true; the Bible is a wonderful source of instruction) nevertheless there will be a lot more grateful, stress-free parents because of your dedication, care, compassion and passion for making the parenting experience far more pleasant.